Successful Roof Coating Application: What to Expect

Successful Roof Coating Application What to Expect
14 May
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Most property owners opt for coating applications to help protect their roofing system. They also choose to get roof coatings to make their property more energy-efficient. However, to maximize its benefits, a roof coating should be applied and maintained properly.

If you are planning to have your roofing system coated, there are several factors to consider. First, you have to know about the local climate and pay attention to humidity, rain and heat. Remember, roof coatings are different from roof paint. So, you have to make sure that you choose the right type of coating and application for your property.

Guide for Applying Roof Coating 

Roof Surface Preparation

Free your roof’s surface of ice, snow or frost. Make sure that the surface is dry, especially if you want to use a solvent-based roof coating. You can only apply coating on a wet surface if you will be using wet-surface coating for your roof.

Coating Application

The best time to apply a roof coating is during the afternoon. If you want to apply it in the morning, make sure that it will be on a fair-weather day. Make sure to follow this tip especially if you have metal roofing. Avoid applying the coat during days with possible rain falls. Otherwise, it will not be a successful application.

Curing Time

Expect longer cure time for roof coating during cold days. It may take days to cure a roof coating under a 40-degree weather. However, if you have a warmer weather, say 70 degrees, the coating will be cured overnight.

Excess Coating Storage

If you want to keep the remaining roof coating, make sure to place the containers indoors or at room temperature.

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