The Distinct Features of Our Elastomeric Roof Coating

The Distinct Features of Our Elastomeric Roof Coating
19 Apr
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At Dynamic Roofing Concepts, we specialize in a wide range of roofing options, including elastomeric roof coating. These coatings are fully adhered fluid that we apply to membranes to enhance their resistance against the elements. Today, we discuss their distinct features and benefits.


This is a spray-on acrylic latex barrier that’s usually white in color to minimize heat buildup on roof structures. With this, you don’t have to overwork your HVAC units and so enjoy more energy savings. This also increases your work area’s comfort levels, leading to more productive staff.


As a roofing contractor committed to saving the planet, we offer elastomeric roof coatings that can promote a healthier environment. When you lessen your reliance on your air conditioning units, you also reduce the amount of carbon footprint that pollutes your indoor air quality. At the same time, this lowers the volume of gas emissions rising up to the atmosphere, leading to a greener environment.

Leak Proof

Excessive exposure to severe weather conditions can make your roofing vulnerable to wind-driven rain resulting in leaks that can put your investments at risk. Our coatings can prevent this from happening, as they serve as a protective barrier that can keep water from seeping into your building.

UV Ray-Resistant

Our roof coatings contain UV-pigments that can help extend your roof’s life span. Constant exposure to UV rays can age your commercial roof considerably. Our product works best on commercial buildings as they tend to absorb sun energy at a higher rate, unlike sloped roofs. A professional roofer like us can ensure that your commercial roof has the necessary protection against the heat of the sun.

Rest assured that our elastomeric roof coating option will allow your roof to provide lasting performance. Expect Dynamic Roofing Concepts to provide you with efficient roofing solutions that will meet your needs. We serve residents in Tampa, FL, and other nearby Florida areas. Call us today at (813) 257-9355 for a FREE estimate.

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