Things to do in Lakeland Today

15 Sep
Sep 15, 2022

From picturesque strolls around Lake Mirror to exploring vibrant downtown streets, Lakeland is brimming with unforgettable experiences just waiting to be discovered. Whether you're craving outdoor adventures, cultural exploration, or simply a day of relaxation, we've got you covered with an array of options to suit every mood and interest.

Lakeland Antique Mall

Lakeland Antique Mall combines over 250 vendors from all walks of life to give you the most eccentric and diverse collectibles found anywhere. Lakeland Antique Mall maintains a relaxing atmosphere with well displayed booths, comfortable air conditioning, and excellent lighting. Lakeland Antique Mall is staffed with knowledgeable, friendly customer service professionals who are happy to assist you on your hunt for antique treasures and vintage collectibles.

Hollis Garden

Step into a world of botanical wonder at Hollis Garden, where nature's beauty takes center stage and tranquility reigns supreme.
Nestled in the heart of Lakeland, Florida, Hollis Garden invites you to explore a captivating oasis of lush greenery, vibrant blooms, and enchanting landscapes.

Lakeside Village

Lakeside Village, where shopping, dining, and entertainment come together to create an unforgettable experience in the heart of Lakeland, Florida! Nestled along the picturesque shores of Lake John, Lakeside Village offers a charming blend of upscale retailers, trendy boutiques, and delicious eateries, all within a vibrant waterfront setting.

RP Funding Center

The RP Funding Center (formerly the Lakeland Civic Center and the Lakeland Center) is a multipurpose entertainment complex in Lakeland, Florida, comprising a convention center, arena and theater. Formerly, it was the home of the Lakeland Magic, the Orlando Magic's affiliate in the NBA G League and the Florida Tropics SC of the Major Arena Soccer League.

Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille

Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille! A distinctively different menu, the food of Harry's Seafood Bar and Grille captures the essence of a city not only known worldwide as the birthplace of Jazz but also the birthplace of a unique style of cooking. We've taken the best of Cajun, Creole and Southern flavors infused with a current day twist to create some of our most popular dishes like Shrimp and Scallop Orleans, Crab Crusted Red Fish, Bourbon Street Salmon and Beef Medallions "Scampi Style" to name a few.

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