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23 Mar
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According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, attention-grabbing roof colors are going to be the norm in the coming years. Although Ultra Violet is Pantone®’s choice for Color of the Year 2018, bright reds, deep blues and brilliant whites are great alternatives if you’re interested in a purple roof. Then again, certain shades might not work well for all homes. To help choose the right one out of countless options for your metal Roofing system, Dynamic Roofing Concepts shares these tips:

Take a Cue From Nature

Select a hue that can harmonize with the rest of your roof’s surroundings. In addition to the siding, trim, and hardscaping, nature is secretly part of every home exterior. Consider the greens of your front yard or the marine elements of Tampa Bay when deciding on your roof color.

Think About the Heat

The ability of your roof to deflect the sun is relative to its color. Generally, light colors outperform dark ones. Thanks to modern technology, many paint products and coatings contain reflective pigments to block and emit more heat regardless of the hue.

Know the roof’s Solar Reflective Index (SRI) value to learn about its thermal properties. The local building code might also dictate the minimum initial SRI your roofing material should have. Other than energy efficiency, a “cool” color may reduce the need for roof repair over time with its ability to keep its surface temperature low.

View in All Types of Light

Colors change in appearance depending on the available light. To ensure your new roof will look nice 365 days a year, view product samples in bright and shaded areas to see the difference.

Don’t Forget About Architecture

Architecturally savvy roofing experts would attest that some colors might not contribute to historic accuracy in particular home styles. For instance, Mediterranean-inspired structures are synonymous with red roofs. Unless you’re aiming for eclecticism, think about your home’s architecture when narrowing your roof color options down.

Let Dynamic Roofing Concepts help you figure the most suitable color for your metal roof. We specialize in roof replacement and elastomeric coating projects. Call us at (813) 257-9355 today to schedule your free consultation and estimate in Tampa, FL, or any nearby area.

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