Top Commercial Roof Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Top Commercial Roof Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid-min
20 Aug
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Commercial roofing maintenance can extend your roof’s life span, improve its performance, and allow you to get the most out of your roofing investment. However, you have to make sure you and your roofing company don’t make any mistakes while maintaining your roof. Here are some commercial roof maintenance mistakes and how to avoid them:

Fixing Things Only When They Break

Reacting to roof leaks as they occur can be a costly mistake. Letting your roof’s condition deteriorate to the point of obvious and visible water damage is never wise. It is much more affordable and effective to address the root causes of leaks and prevent them from forming in the first place. A proactive maintenance plan will find and fix small problems in your roof before water even gets into your system.

Forgetting Insulation

The right amount of insulation improves your roof’s energy efficiency and its weather performance. As a commercial roofing expert, we recommend keeping an eye on your roof’s insulation. Insulation prevents excessive heat buildup that can accelerate the aging of your roof. You need to make sure your building has the proper amount of insulation and that this insulation is regularly inspected and maintained. You don’t want moist insulation to cause premature deterioration of your roof’s material.

Relying on Temporary Fixes

Some roof owners overlook that temporary repairs are exactly that — temporary. The roof is often out of sight so it’s out of mind, so they forget that while duct tape and roof mastic can stop a roof leak, this fix is not designed to last forever. A roof that has a 90-mil single ply membrane needs a patch designed for its specific thickness and material. A permanent solution is always best, even if it can be more costly, because you won’t have to fix the same problem over and over again.

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