Unexpected Costs During a Roof Replacement

Unexpected Costs During a Roof Replacement
24 Aug
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It is essential to establish a budget before you start your roof replacement project. This budget should include all the basics, from the material and labor costs to the post-installation cleanup and disposal costs. However, there are some issues that can arise during the roof replacement, inflating the original budget that you have set. We talk about these potential costs here.

Undiscovered Structural Damage

A complete roof replacement project typically involves the replacement of the roof covering, gutter system and other accessories such as flashing membranes. However, hidden damage to the very structure of the roof can cause you to spend more money than you initially anticipated. Pest infestation and severe moisture damage are common examples. A professional inspection before the replacement can help identify such damage, although some forms of damage like rotted decking can only be discovered after removing the outer covering of the roof.

Building Code Noncompliance

Another instance that can inflate your roofing cost is when the roofing system is not up to code. Building codes are there to ensure the safety of the public. If codes are not followed, you risk not only damage to the property but also injury to the residents and a monetary fine from the local government. This issue is rare, but it could bubble up if the previous homeowner made unauthorized modifications that were not up to code or if the codes have changed since the time the roof was built.

Unwarranted Construction Damage

Your property might also suffer from unwarranted damage during roofing. Fortunately, this can be easily avoided if you work with a dependable roofing contractor that puts in place preventative measures such as covering the lawn or the swimming pool with a tarp. Before any construction begins, discuss these measures with your contractor.

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