What Different Weather Conditions Can Do to Your Roof

What Different Weather Conditions Can Do to Your Roof
05 Apr
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Several factors can affect how long a roofing system lasts, including material, installation and sun exposure. Your location and climate also play a significant role in your roof’s longevity. Different weather conditions have different effects on this part of your home. Keep reading to learn what various weather events can do to your roof.


Your roof is exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays daily. Over time, UV exposure can wear out shingles, causing them to get brittle and crack. The heat from the sun can cause expansion and contraction in different parts of the roof. To prevent early roof deterioration due to sun exposure, make sure your attic has sufficient insulation and ventilation.


High winds can be extremely damaging to a roof. Wind can cause shingles to crack, blister or get torn from the roof. After an extreme weather event, you should contact a reputable roofer for a professional inspection. Doing so will allow you to address damage before water enters your home and causes further problems.


It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to take rains lightly because they are a common occurrence. However, even small leaks will eventually cause significant damage to your roof. On-going rainfall can contribute to pooling water, leading to moisture-related problems. On the other hand, heavy rains can weaken compromised areas of the roofing system.


Don’t allow snow to build up and stay on your roof for extended periods. The added weight of snow can compromise the structural integrity of your roof and gutters. Address ice dams immediately because once they melt, water will flow beneath the shingles and refreeze, resulting in early deterioration.


Hail can cause more damage to your roof than rain. Falling hailstones at high speed will loosen shingle granules. These granules protect shingles against the sun. Without them, your roof will weaken from UV exposure and become more susceptible to leaks.

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