What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Roof

What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Roof
27 Oct
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Having a tall, burly tree fall on your home is something that many homeowners do not want to mull over. In addition to the possibility of physical harm, the incident can leave you without shelter for weeks. It is important to be prepared when the time comes. Here are the things you should do when a tree falls on your shingle or metal roof.

Evacuate your home

Safety should be your first priority. If a tree falls on your property, the first step you should take is to get everybody safely out of the house. Once every family member is accounted for, check for signs of injury so you can be informed when talking with medical professionals later on.

Call 911

After ensuring the safety of your family, stay calm and dial 911. Once you contact the authorities, they will let you know the further actions you can take. An ambulance and fire crew may be sent to ensure that there are no undiagnosed injuries and no damage that can cause a public safety issue.

Call a roofer

The next important step is to find a reliable roofer to take care of your compromised roof. Be sure to avoid “storm chasers” trying to make a quick buck. Do your research and only hire a licensed and insured contractor who has years of experience restoring severely damaged shingle, metal or tile roofing structures. You may also ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations so you can learn about their firsthand experiences with the roofer.

Call your insurance company

If a tree hits your roof, your standard homeowners insurance policy covers the damage to the structure. Contact your insurance representative to confirm if there are any steps they will need you to take. Usually, photo documentation is required when filing a claim.

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