What to Include in Your Roofing Emergency Action Plan

What to Include in Your Roofing Emergency Action Plan
22 Jul
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As a homeowner, you will want to be prepared for roofing emergencies. When roof leaks occur and water damage starts to affect other parts of your home, you need to have a proper action plan to handle emergency repairs. In this post, our roofers at Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc. show what your roofing emergency action plan should look like.

Routine Inspections

A roofing action plan should include routine inspections and regular maintenance. A professional inspection can identify vulnerable areas in your roof and allow you to address minor issues before they get out of hand. A roofer will check for missing materials, staining from rust, moss and mildew growth, and water damage. Proactive maintenance is the most effective way to save on expensive repairs.

Visual Inspection After a Storm

After a storm has subsided and it is safe to go outside, do a brief inspection of your roof to see if there is any obvious damage. If you see cracked or missing shingles, torn or loose flashing, or damage around vents, chimneys or other fixtures, call a trusted local roofer right away.

Insurance Provider

If roof damage is confirmed, call your insurance company. You should always keep the contact information of relevant parties to avoid panic in the event of an emergency. Have assessments done to estimate the cost of repairs. Do not forget to document the losses that your home has suffered by taking photos of any damaged areas. Your insurance agent can help answer any questions or concerns regarding your claim.

Prompt Repairs

Once your claim has been approved, get repairs started as soon as possible. A proper action plan lets you deal with the most pressing issues first and then create a plan for smaller problems. Make sure to work closely with your roofing contractor when tackling emergency repairs. It will give you peace of mind if your home is in the right hands.

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