What to Look for in Roofing Contractor Insurance Coverage

What to Look for in Roofing Contractor Insurance Coverage
30 Oct
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Your roof is your home or building’s first line of defense against harsh elements, which makes hiring a reliable roofer very important. Aside from proof of license, insurance should be one of the first things you should ask about before hiring a roofing contractor.  Here’s what you need to look for in roofing contractor insurance coverage.

Property Protection

Property protections can come in various forms. A specific re-roofing operations clause specifies coverage in case of a roof repair rather than initial roof construction. On the other hand, open roof coverage protects more of the property ad a whole during the project. Regardless of what you have, you have to make sure that the coverage suits your roofing project.

General Business Liability

Liability insurance will pay for any mistake your roofer makes during a roof repair or installation. For example, your contractor is meant to repair a small part of the roof that was affected by a storm. However, say the roofer accidentally swings a hammer on the edge of the chimney, which causes damage to the bricks. Without liability insurance, you won’t only have to pay for the cost of your roof repair but also for the damage your contractor caused.

Workers’ Compensation

Only hire a roofer with a valid workers’ compensation insurance. It will provide coverage for any accident that might happen during the project. When a roofer accidentally falls, nails their hand, or encounters any kind of accident in your property, it should cover for the doctor’s bills and hospital visits.

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