Why Working on a Roof When It’s Raining Is a Bad Idea

Why Working on a Roof When It’s Raining Is a Bad Idea
09 Oct
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Rain can greatly impact a roof replacement or a roof repair, so you may feel a bit impatient or frustrated when you need to reschedule your roofing project because of bad weather. But there’s a good reason for your roofing contractor not agreeing to work on your roof when it’s raining. Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc., the top roofing contractor in our area, explains more.

It’s Not Safe

The average roof replacement project can take several days, so a roofing contractor usually waits until there’s a good chance of clear weather. A wet and slippery roof can greatly increase the risk of climbing up and working on your roof, so roofers do not perform any roofing work unless absolutely necessary. Even during an emergency roof repair, a contractor will wait until the rain stops and then perform an effective temporary repair before making a permanent roof repair when the weather’s better.

It Causes Problems With the Installation

As an experienced roofer, we don’t install shingles when it’s raining because we understand that shingles may not properly adhere to wet surfaces. In addition, installing a roof while the sheathing is wet can cause rot, mold and other problems. The inner components of your roof are sensitive to water damage. They should not be exposed to moisture or high humidity.

You Might Void Your Warranty

Roofing manufacturers set specific guidelines for how their shingles and other roofing products should be installed. These instructions specify good weather conditions. If you ask a roofing manufacturer to install your roof while it’s raining, then you might void your warranty. Installing a roof when it’s raining greatly increases the risk of roof leaks and other problems in the future.

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