Why You Shouldn’t Install New Shingles Over the Old Ones

Why You Shouldn’t Install New Shingles Over the Old Ones
20 Dec
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When your roofing system is showing signs of aging or in constant need of repairs, then it may be time to get a new one. You can either choose to shingle over the old roof or tear-off the existing roof and get brand new roofing. Both methods have advantages but for one option, the cons outweigh the pros. Here’s why a roof-over is not a good idea.

A Roof-Over Won’t Last as Long

The added layer of shingles will trap heat coming from the attic and the sun. Excessive heat exposure can speed up the deterioration of shingles.

Added Weight Can Compromise Your Home’s Structure

Roofing shingles are heavy and adding another layer can put stress on your home’s structure. When you have an older or not structurally sound home, a roof-over may not be even possible. The added weight can also compromise the structural integrity of your roof.

It Won’t Look as Good as a Tear-Off

Old roofing systems are likely to have curled or lifted. Shingling over the old material can highlight these flaws.

Your Roofer Won’t be Able to Address Leaks

Locating the source of a leak will be harder for your roofer due to the layers of shingles. Water can also travel between the layers and leak in a different spot, making roof repair more challenging.

You Won’t Know What’s Underneath Your Roof

In a tear-off, contractors completely remove the old material and they can see if something is wrong with the decking. When you choose a roof-over, you won’t know whether the decking is in good shape or not. It means that if there is rot or leakage, you’ll only notice it when the problem has spread.

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