4 Common Commercial Roofing Problems

4 Common Commercial Roofing Problems
23 Nov
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Commercial roofing, despite being naturally more resilient than its residential counterpart, experience unique and often more challenging problems. You can attribute this to most commercial properties using flat roofing instead of the standard slope systems. Dynamic Roofing Concepts lists four of the most common problems commercial roofing systems encounter.

1. Roof Leaks

Leaks are a common occurrence in any roofing system, but since most commercial properties have flat roofing systems, the risk is more pronounced. Pooling on the surface due to lack of proper water drainage or waterproofing can cause larger leaks. We recommend taking advantage of regular roofing maintenance to keep your roof in good condition.

2. Punctures and Penetrations

Punctures and holes in the roofing are a common problem in single-ply roofing systems like TPO or PVC. They often originate from roof traffic or dirt and debris that accidentally scratches the membrane. Limiting roof traffic and keeping it free of debris prevents these issues from happening.

3. Ponding Water

Water tends to pond on flat roofing due to the lack of slope. This presents a big danger not only because it causes leaks to form but it also adds additional weight to the roof itself. Installing proper drainage and replacing old flashing solves this problem.

4. Improper Repair

Improper repair and installation are often the root of most commercial roofing problems. The danger here is that the warning signs often manifest late in the roof’s life span. This is why we recommend entrusting your roof repairs and installation to professionals like us. Our experience on repairing and installing flat and metal roofing systems is your guarantee that they look good and perform well for a long time.

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