A Look at Slate and Why Your Home Could Use it

A Look at Slate and Why Your Home Could Use it
02 Sep
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As one of the most recommended roofing materials, slate is an option with great history and background. Some examples of the earliest uses of slate as a roofing material can still be seen in and around the country today—and in great shape for their age. That says a lot about the endurance of this material. Dynamic Roofing Concepts takes a look at all the reasons that slate is a material worth considering:

Slate looks great

Any roofing company in Tampa FL will be happy to point out that slate is one of the most beautiful types of roofing materials that you can get. It enhances the look of nearly every architectural style out there—and it looks naturally beautiful. Slate comes in a range of beautiful color options too. Best of all, slate rarely loses its distinctive look over time.

Slate is highly durable

Because it is a natural stone, slate is one of the strongest materials that you can find. It’s effectively waterproof due to its resistance to water absorption. It’s noncombustible—protecting your home from the possibility of fire. Slate also resists temperature changes and many weather conditions. Finally, it will never suffer from mold or fungal growth.

Slate stands the test of time

These characteristics are what makes slate so long lasting—only metal roofing in Tampa can come close. Slate roofing has been proven—with many real-life examples—to last well over a hundred years. This incredible longevity is a bonus for those who don’t want to replace their roof frequently. This means a great deal of savings down the line.

Slate is a roofing material for the long-term. It can resist many of the things that adversely affect other types of roofing materials. It also happens to look beautiful on your home. Give Dynamic Roofing Concepts a call today and we’ll be more than happy to help pick out the slate roofing that’s perfect for you and your home.

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