Are You Actually Working With a Local Roofer?

Are You Actually Working With a Local Roofer
05 Oct
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Even a well-maintained roofing system can still suffer damage from a major weather event. To prevent storm damage from worsening and compromising your roof and home, have a roofing professional deal with the problem immediately. Just make sure, however, that you’re actually working with someone local. A trusted roofing contractor in the area, Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc. shares how you’ll be able to tell.

1. They don’t come knocking at your door after a storm.

There are contractors called “storm chasers” who travel to areas recently affected by a storm to offer roof repair or restoration services. And while not all of them are shady or unreliable, many are, leaving homeowners with a badly repaired roof and a lighter wallet. Storm chasers are not local, which makes it difficult to hold them accountable for poor workmanship.

You’ll know you’re talking with a storm chaser because they’re usually the people knocking on your door after a major storm. Keep in mind that a local roofer doesn’t drive around the neighborhood looking for work. They’ll be too busy responding to customers in need of their roof expertise. If you want them to work on your roof system, you’ll need to call them first to schedule an assessment.

2. They have a local phone number.

It’s never a good idea to work with a nonlocal roofer because they can disappear on you at any time. To confirm whether the prospective contractor you’re talking to is from your area, check the phone number they’ve provided. You’re good if the number turns out to be a local one.

3. They have local license plates.

Storm chasers are sometimes harder to spot because they make the extra effort to appear legitimate. There are cases where their truck even features the company name and logo. You should ignore those and focus on their plates instead. If their truck has out-of-state plates, you might want to end the conversation and start looking for who’s actually a local contractor. There are plenty of good reasons to choose a roofing professional who operates in your area:

  • Their proximity ensures faster response in case of a roofing emergency.
  • They’re already familiar with the area’s building codes and regulations.
  • They make the process of acquiring a building permit faster and easier.
  • They’re usually an established business, so if you have any concerns about the project, you can easily find them.

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