Busting The Myth: Are Metal Roofs Hot in Summer?

Busting The Myth Are Metal Roofs Hot in Summer-min
14 Jun
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Do you live in an area with soaring summer temperatures? It is important to consider what roofing material is best for your climate. Your roofing shingles play a crucial role in the longevity of your roof, as well as the energy efficiency of your home. Today, one of the top choices when it comes to roofing materials for warm climates is metal.

Your professional roofing contractor, Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc. is dedicated to exceptional service and we’re proud to bring our comprehensive knowledge of metal roofing to every customer we serve.

Keeping Your House Cool With a Metal Roof

Metal roofs are known to excel even under extreme temperatures. This is one of the many reasons they have continued to increase in popularity, accounting for about 14% of the residential re-roofing market share as at three years ago. In addition, a metal roofing system typically lasts two to three times longer than the average asphalt shingle roof. It is also fire-resistant, which only makes it stand out more as a safer material for a hot environment compared to other roofing types.

Metal roofs are “cool” roofs; this is a common saying especially among roofing experts and enthusiasts in the industry. But what does it really mean? Many people don’t fully understand the cool properties of metal, so they erroneously conclude that a metal roof means a hot surface, especially during the summer months.

The thing to remember is that metal is reflective, which means it has a low thermal mass and therefore do not absorb light or heat. Once the outdoor temperature cools off, it follows suit. That’s what makes metal roofs so ideal for homes in hot climates. Highly reflective paints and coatings available today can even further improve your roof’s energy efficiency.

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