How Do You Avoid Condensation Problems in Metal Roofs?

How Do You Avoid Condensation Problems in Metal Roofs
11 Nov
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All roof types can experience condensation, including metal. Condensation can have corrosive effects on your metal roof and compromise its structural integrity. However, with proper protection, you can prevent this roofing problem. Read on to discover ways on how to prevent condensation issues in metal roofs.

Proper Installation and Ventilation

Condensation happens at night, when the indoor temperature is warmer than the outside. Warm, humid air rises and reaches the cold roof and cools. As its temperature goes down, it’s unable to hold more moisture. The excess moisture becomes drops of condensation on the roof.

Good installation and ventilation can prevent condensation from occurring in metal roofs. They don’t pose a risk of condensation if they’re installed on a traditional residential structure, which consists of standard attic insulation, proper and well-functioning ventilation and roof decking.

Unfortunately, not all houses have them. Some contractors even install metal roofing on homes without roof decking. These homes will eventually deal with condensation issues, which can later become a bigger problem.

How to Avoid Condensation

There are three ways to prevent condensation in attics. To effectively avoid this problem, you’d have to have all of these three elements.

You must have insulation above the ceilings. This includes having air leaks sealed from the living space into the attic. Make sure your home is ventilated per code, which also applies to intake and exhaust vents. It’s also important to have a vapor barrier like a continuous sheet of polyethylene behind the drywall.

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