How Does a Tile Roof Stand Up Against the Elements?

How Does a Tile Roof Stand Up Against the Elements
23 Apr
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Tile is one of today’s most popular roofing materials. This roofing option comes in a wide range of colors and textures. It is a preferred material in areas prone to high winds due to its superior weather resistance. Also, when properly maintained it can last from 50 to 100 years or more.  Read on to find out how tile roofing stands up against fire, wind, earthquakes and hail.


Those who are situated in areas prone to tornadoes, hurricanes and high winds can benefit from tile roofs. Tile roofing is designed to withstand severe storms and hurricane-force winds. It has been proven that this material can sustain winds higher than 125 miles-per-hour, which will damage most other roofing options.


Wildfires affect hundreds of homes and businesses in the U.S. every year. Both clay and concrete tile roofing have been proven safer than materials like shingles and wood shake. A tile roof lets air circulate under the tile, reducing heat transfer to the attic during fires. Like a metal roof, tile provides excellent resistance to fire. In fact, this material also possesses the highest fire rating for the product and installed system.


When installed according to building codes, tile roofs can exceed the current seismic load requirements for building materials. Tile remains the only roofing product to have been tested for seismic loading.


Clay and concrete roof tiles can withstand damage from hailstones larger than a golf ball. You can get a double layer of protection from the elements with a tile roofing system. The material itself offers a strong water-shedding outer shell. Also, the underlayment of asphalt roofing paper laid on the deck protects the inner shell in case the material gets struck by very large hailstones.

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