How to Identify Common Signs of Storm Damage

How to Identify Common Signs of Storm Damage
10 Mar
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Choosing high-quality roofing in Tampa, FL can help protect your home from severe weather conditions but there are times when it’s not enough. In such cases, your roof may sustain minor to massive storm damage, requiring you to make urgent repairs. That in mind, it helps to have an idea of what kind of damage your roof has sustained so you’ll know how to best fix it. Dynamic Roofing Concepts discusses some types of storm damage and the signs that indicate them.

Wind Damage

Hurricanes and tornadoes bring strong winds that can compromise your roof’s stability. Some signs of wind damage include:

  • Lifted Shingles: High winds can lift shingles and, at worst, blow them off, especially the ones close to the roof’s edge. Furthermore, even the smallest gap can allow water to seep underneath your shingles and leak into your home.
  • Fallen Debris: Strong winds can tear off weak or deteriorated tree branches, which can fall on your roof and damage it.
  • Clogging: Wind-driven debris such as leaves and twigs can clog your roof’s drainage system, eventually causing water damage to your roof’s foundation.

Once you’ve spotted any of these signs, contact professionals like Dynamic Roofing Concepts to conduct the necessary roof repair in Tampa, FL. Doing so well prevent any existing storm damage from getting worse and warranting greater expenses in the future.

Hail Damage

While the amount of damage sustained by your roof depends on the size of the hail, it can appear differently depending on the kind of roof material it landed on. Asphalt and composition shingles, for example, turn black when hit by hail and don’t have any sort of pattern. Meanwhile, metal roofs’ extreme durability keeps it from having any serious damage. In any case, you can count on us to accurately identify the kind of storm damage your roof received and determine its extent.

After examining your roof, we will provide you with a complete assessment of its overall condition and recommend cost-efficient roofing solutions. Aside from providing you with new metal roofing in Tampa, FL, we can also help you file roofing insurance claims to ensure that you receive your due compensation.

Let Dynamic Roofing Concepts handle your storm damage concerns. Call us today at (813) 257-9355 for more information about our services.

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