Improving Indoor Air Quality through Roof Replacement

Improving Indoor Air Quality through Roof Replacement
25 Apr
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Many factors can affect a building’s indoor air quality. Using HVAC units can produce carbon footprint while chemicals and other unseen air elements inside the building can also pollute indoor air quality, which can be hazardous to your health. One of the most common causes of bad indoor air quality is mold. Dynamic Roofing Concepts discusses what usually causes mold growth in your building and how our roofing replacement can remedy this problem.

Cause of Mold Growth

The tropical climate of the region causes moisture that gets trapped inside building walls and roofs. Increased levels of trapped moisture can then lead to mold growth. This can be prevented by installing metal roofing in Tampa, FL, that can resist moisture damage, which is a source of mold growth.

The Impact of Moisture and Mold Growth

Molds release allergens in the air that can cause physical symptoms and health problems. Persistent moisture, on the other hand, can cause premature failure of your building’s envelope. It can also lead to rot, corrosion, and other forms of deterioration that can also affect your health. Aside from mold growth, moisture also promotes insect infestation, which in turn can endanger your health and indoor air quality due to the airborne toxins in their feces. We offer commercial roofing in Tampa, FL that can help keep your interior ventilated and warm, preventing moisture from settling in your building.

Aside from quality roofing in Tampa, Florida, we also offer the following services that can help prevent mold growth.

  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Maintenance
  • Roof Inspection

With these services, we can help assess your roof’s overall health and locate leaks that could lead to mold growth. We will then offer you options that can remedy your roof’s condition. By implementing these steps, we can help improve your building’s indoor air quality.

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