Modified Bitumen Roofing: Its 4 Advantages

Modified Bitumen Roofing Its 4 Advantages
17 Aug
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According to roofing experts, property owners have a wide range of options when it comes to commercial roofing materials. For instance, you can choose from materials like TPO, EPDM and PVC for your commercial roof. While these are all good materials to consider, there is another one that you shouldn’t forget about: modified bitumen, a commercial roof material that comes with a wide range of advantages.  These advantages include:

1. Long Service Life

While it may not seem like it, one of the benefits of modified bitumen roof is its long lifespan. According to the pros, this roofing material can last up to 20 years without requiring a lot of maintenance.

2. Waterproof

Roof leaks are one of the issues that you wouldn’t want your commercial roof to face. After all, if left unattended, a roof leak can compromise the system’s structural integrity. Thankfully, with modified bitumen roofs, this can be a worry of the past as the adhesives used in attaching them can provide protection against water damage.

3. Easy to Repair and Maintain

Should your modified bitumen roof sustain damage such as tears, a roof repair expert can easily rectify this issue by applying bitumen patches in the affected area. Apart from that, they’re fairly easy to maintain as well, meaning that you can also avoid roofing damage with the aid of professionals.

4. Energy-Efficient

On the other hand, if you’re looking to reduce your building’s energy consumption, modified bitumen roofs are one of the best roofing materials that you can consider. This is because it comes with an insulating layer that limits the flow of heat throughout the system.

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