Things You Should Know About Modified Bitumen Systems

Things You Should Know About Modified Bitumen Systems-min
27 Oct
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As a roofing material, modified bitumen systems have been used around the globe with tremendous success. When correctly manufactured and applied, this high-performing system offers beauty and protection that property owners appreciate. The recent advances in technology also make this option a more viable solution for roofing in Tampa, Florida. Let Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc. talk about several things you should know about this product.

Types of Modified Bitumen

There are two classes of modified bitumen: elastomeric extenders, which are also called SBS, and thermoplastic extenders, which are widely known as APP. Compared to APP, SBS membranes are more flexible in cold conditions. Their production is more complex, as they rely upon the compatibility of the bitumen with the elastomer. For the application to be a success, APP will require higher temperatures while SBS involve mopping the field with hot asphalt.


Modified bitumen has the built-up roof’s strength, which is braced with polymer modification. It has to meet rigid quality control criteria to attain overall system integrity and impact resistance. This is highly ideal for your commercial roofing in Tampa, FL, as it is also waterproof.


Another unique feature of modified bitumen is its long life span. Compared with other roof materials that only serve for 10 to 15 years, this option goes beyond that timeline without many issues and repair concerns. It only requires minimal upkeep and has a low rate for wear and tear because of its unmatched durability. It is also more ductile and flexible since it went through polymer modifications.

If you’re planning to invest in a high-quality roof material that can protect your property for a long time, consider modified bitumen membranes. They offer the power and durability that any building owner can rely on.

As the most trusted roofing company in the region, we are proud to offer this special roof material. We’ll ensure its correct built-up and application to provide your property with lasting security. Call us today at (813) 257-9355 to get started on your project. We also offer metal roofing in Tampa, Florida, that is just as ideal for buildings.

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