Why Modified Bitumen Is an Ideal Roof for Your Property

Why Modified Bitumen Is an Ideal Roof for Your Property
28 Dec
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Modified bitumen membranes are single-ply roof systems that contractors install  using heat to secure the seams between runs of the roofing material. Business owners choose this particular commercial roofing in Tampa, FL, for their property due to its outstanding qualities:


Part of this roofing material’s manufacturing process includes polymer modifications that give it strength and durability. They let the material resist extreme weather conditions and damaging UV rays for lasting protection. Furthermore, it can withstand impact from the elements and high foot traffic.


Modified bitumen makes for a great investment. Due to ease of installation, you don’t have to spend too much on labor costs. In addition, its long service life will keep you from spending on premature replacement. Similar to metal roofing in Tampa, Florida, it comes with a reflective surface that will help reduce the amount of heat that enters your building. This will keep your workplace cool, lessening your reliance on your HVAC units for more energy savings. With these, you can be sure to recoup your initial investment over time.

Long-Lasting and Optimal Performance

This commercial roofing consists of polymer-modified bitumen strengthened with one or more plies of fabric. This includes fiberglass, polyester, or a combination of the two. This allows it to provide lasting and superior protection to any property.


This roof requires minimal upkeep and has a low rate for wear and tear thanks to its durability. Furthermore, roofers can easily find and repair leaks, saving time and prevents excessive and unnecessary labor costs.

You can count on Dynamic Roofing Concepts to provide you with reliable modified bitumen roofing in Tampa, Florida. Our years of experience and training will let us install this roof swiftly, efficiently, and in any process you want such as hot, cold, or self-adhesive.

These features make our modified bitumen a good investment. Call us today at (813) 257-9355 for a FREE commercial roofing estimate.

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