Residential Roofing Series: Tile Roofs

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22 Sep
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Tile provides you with an elegant roof, which will go well with sprawling Southwestern house designs. This is why it’s a popular choice among homeowners. Its visual appeal is not all there is to it, though. There are other benefits and advantages that can be derived from using tile roofs. Here are some of them:


Roofs average a lifespan of some 10 years before a replacement becomes necessary. Tiles, especially clay ones, can last an impressively long time. Its characteristics that keep it weatherproof and fire-resistance contribute to its lasting performance.


The leading Tampa roofing companies recommend tile for resisting damage. Florida, of course, is located in a region with a humid climate. Any material that will be used for construction should withstand the harsh weather conditions. As hurricanes do visit the area, tile roofs make for a perfect choice because of their weight. You can be sure that your roof won’t be blown over easily.

Apart from this, tiles don’t rot. Whereas other types are vulnerable to termites and other pests, tiles are impervious from attack and damage.


When it comes to style, not a lot of roofing materials can come close to the aesthetic value offered by tiles. Its clay variety, in particular, can mimic the look of other kinds of materials, such as wood shakes, while retaining—and even improving—its durability.

Whether clay or cement, you can be sure that your house will have improved curb appeal. Make Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc. your trusted roofing contractor in Clearwater. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in all your roofing needs, from consultation to installation, and from repair to maintenance.

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