Tips on Preparing a Property for Commercial Roof Replacement

Tips on Preparing a Property for Commercial Roof Replacement
21 Dec
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Replacing a commercial roof requires several considerations. Creating a business continuity plan can help reduce downtime, minimize your stock levels and relocate your staff (if possible) to let them work safely and comfortably. Most importantly, you need to properly prepare your property to avoid delays and return to your normal operations as soon as possible. As professional roofers, Dynamic Roofing Concepts offers a list of tips to prepare your business for the installation of your replacement roofing system:

Remove Outdoor Obstructions

As with residential re-roofing projects, it’s imperative to move obstacles away from the work areas. De-cluttering the job site is the best way to avoid inconveniencing the roofers or causing accidents. Efficiency is key to keep the project on schedule, so make sure the job site is free from clutter from the start.

Provide Open Driveway and Parking Access

Your commercial roofing contractor needs a safe and convenient place to park. It will allow the crew to move supplies with ease and waste no time in installing the materials. Not only can your project be delayed if your roofers have to work around parked cars, but the risks of accidents and damage to property become higher.

Put Up Warning Signs

Providing warning signs for those who use the building during construction is a great supplement to the safety measures the roofing company is likely to take. Signs alert your employees, visitors and customers to what’s going on so they are aware of the potential risks and can steer clear of high-risk areas.

Turn Off Security Alarms

The installation of modified bitumen, a single-ply membrane or a metal roofing system may produce vibrations and inadvertently trigger your security alarms. This would cause unnecessary panic and stall the project’s progress. It’s best to speak with your security company about your roof replacement to get advice on how to manage your security, particularly if you need to deactivate alarms for the meantime.

Let Dynamic Roofing Concepts help you prepare for your re-roofing project accordingly. To discuss your Florida commercial roof replacement, call us at (813) 257-9355 to schedule your consultation and free estimate in Tampa, FL.

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