4 Ideas for Incorporating Flat Roofs Into Your Property

4 Ideas for Incorporating Flat Roofs Into Your Property-min
23 Nov
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Designs based on traditional architecture mostly have pitched roofs. However, with the advent of modern architecture, more and more homes have been incorporating flat or low-slope roofing in Tampa, Florida into their designs. Here are some ideas if you wish to incorporate flat roofs onto your home or commercial property:

Horizontal lines

The reason traditional architecture such as single-level Ranch and tall Mock Tudor houses have pitched roofs is because high slopes effectively run rainwater off. Modern roofing materials optimized for flat roofs now allow for flexibility with house designs. You can incorporate horizontal rooflines without sacrificing the ability to shed rainwater.

Improved insulation

Pitched roofs have spaces between the roof and the ceiling that serve as an insulating barrier. With the development of cool roofing materials such as TPO and EPDM and newer roofing insulation, you can have cozy interior without the need for this space. Flat roofs now come with special materials that do not compromise insulation or design.

Membrane roofing

Cool roofing materials for flat roofing have come a long way for residential and commercial roofing in Tampa, FL. Older roofing systems require several layers of bitumen, adhesives, and stone chips that are difficult to install and maintain. Modern materials perform better than other roofing materials without requiring more layers. Roofing membranes can also help you save on your energy bills with their cool roofing properties.

Roof decks

You can build a roof deck to hold special occasions in. Having a multi-purpose roof deck lets you extend your home’s usable space without spending too much resources.

We can bring out the best of your metal roofing in Tampa, Florida, or any other low-slope roofing type. To learn more design ideas, call us today at (813) 257-9355. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable and certified roofers.

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