4 Things to Avoid When Filing a Roofing Insurance Claim

31 May
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A home insurance policy is great for protecting yourself from getting caught off-guard by costly repairs after bad weather damages your roofing system. However, the process behind filing an insurance claim can be rather stressful. To minimize insurance-related hassles for your next roof repair project,  avoid the following pitfalls.

Not Knowing Policy Exclusions

One of the worst things that can happen when filing a roofing insurance claim is finding out that your policy can’t cover the type of damage caused by the storm. Make sure your roofing problem is not in the list of exclusions.

Having an Old Roof

Have you had the same metal roofing for the longest time? You might want to check if it’s well past its life span. Insurance providers often reject claims for repairing old roofs so your efforts might go to waste. Be aware of the maximum age of the roof still covered by your insurance policy and have it replaced if it’s past that point.

Material Matters

Certain roofing options such as slate or green roofing materials have higher maintenance costs. As a result, having any of those kinds of roofing might decrease your chances of having your insurance claim approved. Check if the policy covers your home’s roofing material before signing up for it in the first place.

Amateur Fixes

Experts advise homeowners to have all roofing work done by reputable roofing experts so the roofing system’s performance is not compromised. Damage or negative performance associated with poor workmanship (a common problem in DIY roof fixes) are usually excluded from roofing insurance policies.

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