4 Unconventional Roof Designs

4 Unconventional Roof Designs
31 Oct
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Many homeowners trust conventional designs to stand out. Colorful choices, varying shapes and even a different material are often used. Still, sometimes the standard shingle approach might not be unusual enough. These four unconventional designs are sure to attract anyone’s eye. Dynamic Roofing Concepts discusses what makes them special and how they can be better than an average shingle roof.

1. Light Focus Roof

This special design was used by famous comedian Bob Hope and designed by John Lautner. It uses a large dome that curves overhead. This causes most of the light to be blocked out, cutting it off from the interior. However, it’s not completely dim. There’s a central opening that lets the light shine on a courtyard. You can use this design if you want to highlight a special room, such as a sunroom or living room.

2. Green Roof

Homeowners have tried different ways to handle sunlight. This includes roof coatings, solar panels and a metal roof. One outside-the-box method is green roofing. With this method, you basically have a garden on your roof. This design can help you fight sunlight, improve energy efficiency, keep water out and withstand heavy winds.

3. Mushroom Roof

Built literally like a mushroom, this concrete structure bends and curves in various ways. It also contains many skylights. This way, your home lights up in the morning. It will also illuminate various wood and stone elements within the home’s rooms.

4. Natural Stone Roof

Many people love using stone and cement for roofing. For example, you’ll find many homes with clay and tile roofing. This design, however, takes it to a literal level. Designed by Sal Balsamo, the roof uses four different cascading circles. In each one, there are layers of rock that help prevent sunlight from affecting the interior.

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