5 Roofing Symptoms to Keep an Eye Out For

5 Roofing Symptoms to Keep an Eye Out For
28 Jun
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A roofing leak is a common example of bigger roofing problems. Being familiar with this and other symptoms gives you the advantage of addressing these problems before they get bigger. It can even save you from unnecessary and expensive repair costs.

Here are some roofing symptoms to keep an eye out for:

Water spots on the ceiling

The most recognizable symptom of a roofing leak are water spots or stains on the ceiling. You might not immediately notice it if there’s no dripping rainwater, but make no mistake, water spots shouldn’t be ignored.

Granules in the gutters and/or runoff

While a few loose granules are normal, seeing a lot of them in your gutters and in the rainwater runoffs means the shingles are aging and will have to be replaced soon. Granules are the insulating element on asphalt shingles, and losing these granules can have a significant effect on your home’s energy efficiency.

Cracked or cupping shingles

Other signs of aging shingles are cracking and cupping, especially obvious in symmetrical roofing materials like three-tab shingles. This will also require a complete roof replacement if it’s widespread.

Missing shingles

There are many reasons individual shingles would be missing: rusted roofing nails, impact from debris or a tree branch, a burrowing animal, or perhaps even an installation error. Whatever the cause is, missing shingles would expose your roof’s underlayment, leaving it at the mercy of the elements. Depending on the roofing type, roof repair is possible with individual shingle replacement.

Black stains

This is caused by algae growing on the roof, and looks worse on light-colored roofing. The good news is, this is an entirely cosmetic issue, with several ways to get rid of: installing zinc strips, chemical treatments, and even a good washing using a long-handled brush. Avoid power washers, as this is too strong and will strip your roof of its asphalt and granules. Better yet, have your roof professionally cleaned.

All these roofing problems can be fixed with a reliable roofing expert. At Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc., we offer the most extensive roof repair, maintenance, and emergency services seen anywhere. To know more about these services, or our other products including metal roofing, call us today at (813) 257-9355 or fill out our contact form to schedule a professional inspection of your roof. We serve Tampa, FL and nearby areas.

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