A Look at Historic Roofing Materials

A Look at Historic Roofing Materials
24 Oct
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Since roofing was first invented, it’s been used to great effect throughout history. You’ll find many historical landmarks and homes with elegant shingles. What you might not realize is that many of these shingles are still available on the market. As an expert in roof installation, here are a few roof materials that have withstood the test of time.


Clay tiles have been used since the mid-17th century. They originated as S-curved tiles, known as pantiles. A reason for their popularity and continued use is their fire resistance. These shingles were used to protect against infamous fires in history, such as the Great London Fire in 1666.


Wood has been used all throughout history, and is still being used to this day. A big reason it has endured is its authentic design. Rural areas have retained it since the start of their settlement. In cities, however, they have been slowly phased out due to fire concerns. Nowadays, you’ll find it used in Colonial and Bungalow-style residences.


While metal roofing is the youngest on this list, you might be surprised to learn that it’s been around for a long while. It rose to prominence during the 19th century, although the options at the time were limited to lead and copper. Famous users include the Christ Church in Philadelphia, and the Rosewell mansion in Virginia. Nowadays, the options have expanded to corrugated iron, steel and tin.


Slate roofs are among the toughest materials ever used. They can survive for centuries with little to no damage. Initially, they were a limited option for homeowners. That’s because of how expensive it was to transport and install them. Eventually, native slate roofs were developed, mostly for residences in Maine and Virginia.

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