All About DIY Projects

All About DIY Projects
15 Jun
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One of the most popular trends in roofing nowadays is to do-it-yourself, or DIY. With this, homeowners find and buy their materials and attempt to fix the roof on their own. While this may seem easy and affordable, the reality is that it’s tough. Mistakes can lead to problems that you won’t be able to easily resolve. Learn more about the dangers of DIY here.

Defining DIY

Whereas professional roof repair and replacement are done by a licensed roofer, DIY is done by somebody who probably isn’t—yourself. You are in charge of tear-offs, installment, materials and planning. Ideally, this would cut down costs for actual work. However, this is not recommended. Note the following risk factors.

Risks of DIY

One of the issues with DIY is the high risk of injury due to inexperience. Even how-to videos or books cannot replace the experience that professionals have. If you’re going to save money on the build, but end up spending more on healthcare, you didn’t really save money at all.

part from that, the materials accessed by professional contractors are usually sourced directly from manufacturers. They usually have shingle products that normally won’t be easy to procure in the market. Meanwhile, DIY enthusiasts must buy shingles that are readily available. This means you might get lower quality materials that won’t last.

Furthermore, the lack of the proper equipment can lead to mistakes during the project. This can translate to long-term damage to the roof.

What to Do Instead?

The best way to deal with a faulty roof is by hiring a professional roofing contractor. They have access to high-quality materials and tools. They are also trained and properly insured.

Let Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc. keep you safe in all your home improvement projects. Call us at (813) 257-9355 today to schedule a free estimate in Tampa, FL, and let’s talk about your roofing needs.

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