Common Roof Installation Mistakes and Their Consequences

Common Roof Installation Mistakes and Their Consequences-min
20 Apr
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Conventional wisdom says that your roof is only as good as its installers. While many things affect longevity, workmanship is one of the bigger factors. This is why incorrectly installed roofs will almost certainly underperform and fail quickly. Why is quality of installation a big deal when getting your roofing system replaced? Dynamic Roofing Concepts explains the costly consequences of these common mistakes:

Adding Too Many Layers of Shingles

The Florida Building Code allows up to two layers of shingles, but it’s not generally advisable for many reasons. First, it prevents professional roofers from applying fresh underlayment beneath the shingles, making your home more prone to leakage. Second, the weight of two shingle layers would add tremendous stress on your home’s structure. Lastly, it would be harder to inspect and repair damaged sheathing. Experienced installers take the downsides of a roof overlay into account before even considering it in the first place.

Forgoing Roof Deck Replacement

The decking serves as the foundation of your roof. If it’s in bad shape, you ought to get a new one before installing the primary roofing materials. Leaving the old one, though, would increase the chances of leakage. Worse, you might need another replacement project when it falls into disrepair.

Neglecting Attic Ventilation

Any reliable asphalt shingle, slate, tile and metal roofing contractor would attest that attic ventilation is vital to roof health. If your attic fails to exhale excessive heat and moisture efficiently, your home will be hotter than it should be. Plus, the heat buildup would cook your shingles from the inside, making them curl prematurely. Trapped high levels of moisture could cause condensation, sucking the strength of the wood sheathing and paving the way for mold growth.

Applying Mismatched Materials

Inexperienced roofers tend to use different suppliers. Since asphalt roofing shingles are made in batches, hiring a contractor that sources products from multiple dealers might lead to mismatched aesthetics. This is bad news for your home’s curb appeal.

Reusing Old Flashing

Generally, pieces of flashing, no matter how salvageable they are, should be replaced during installation. The strips of metal covering your roof’s vulnerable areas should be of the same age as your new roofing products. Reusing the old ones would most likely increase the possibility of leaks, hence the need for roof repair jobs.

Dynamic Roofing Concepts’s impressive resume promises flawless workmanship. We hold advanced credentials to ensure your roof installation project goes smoothly and with excellence. To talk about your roofing needs in Tampa, FL, and get a free estimate, call us at (813) 257-9355 today.

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