Cool Roofs: The Myths, Facts, Benefits, & Options

Cool Roofs The Myths, Facts, Benefits, & Options
30 Dec
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Homeowners and business owners alike favor cool roofs because of their numerous benefits. Despite this, there are several myths that surround this type of roofing. In this article, Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc., presents the facts and benefits of cool roofing. We also suggest roofing options for your business or home.

The Truths behind the Myths

If you are in the market for cool roofing in Clearwater, FL, you may have heard of these myths:

Cool roofs are costly

There are different roofing materials available on the market, and each one has a different price range. Although a little costly compared with traditional roofing, cool roofs will pay for themselves through energy savings. Keep in mind that your savings will depend on your area’s climate, material type, insulation, and type of heating and cooling system.

Cool roofs do not need insulation

Insulation will work better together with cool roofs. With this type of roofing, heat will not penetrate the roof. This keeps insulation and indoor environments cooler.

Cool roofing is a relatively new concept

Many people have used cool roofs for decades. Technology has improved cool roofing techniques and materials. With cool roofs, you can have more energy savings and improved indoor comfort. This type of roof also helps the environment by reducing air pollution and carbon emissions.

Cool Roofing Options

There are many types of cool roofs available today for both residential and commercial properties. Some options for your home include:


Manufacturers can shape this material to look like shingles or shakes. It comes in various textures and colors that complement any architectural style. White roofs have high reflectivity, but dark colors can also be energy-efficient. Dark metal roofs come with special additives that improve reflectance properties.

Shingles, slate, or tile

These are some of the most common roofing materials available. They all have thermal properties that add more savings other than their reflectance and emittance properties.

If you are looking for cool roofs for your business, here are some of your options:

Single-ply – This is a prefabricated sheet of rubber polymer used in low- or steep-sloped roofs. Roofers in Brandon, FL lay this down on a single layer.

Modified bitumen – This is a combination of bitumen modified with plastic, which is then layered with reinforcing materials.

Built-up – This is made of layers of coated asphalt and insulation.

For quality residential and commercial roofs, you can rely on Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc. We are a family-owned Florida company specializing in different types of roofing. With our products, we can help you create a more efficient, comfortable, and beautiful home.

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