FAQs on GAF Roofing Warranties

FAQs on GAF Roofing Warranties
02 Jun
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Whether you have a shingle, metal or tile roofing system, there’s still a risk that you will end up paying a lot of cash to fix unexpected roof problems. This is why it pays to have a solid warranty policy from GAF to cover your roof. Since warranties can be a confusing matter, we’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions by curious homeowners.

What Are the Risks of Problems Showing Up in My New GAF Roofing System?

GAF roofing systems are built with high-quality materials and installed with state-of-the-art equipment to minimize the chances of problems cropping up later on. However, low risks don’t mean zero risks and it’s a good idea to have a warranty and not need it (rather than need it and not have it).

Why Does a Warranty Focus on Installation Problems?

Statistics show that more than 66 percent of problems in new roofing systems are caused by errors during the installation process instead of the materials themselves. This means you can have a perfectly fine, say, metal roof and still be at risk of having it fail because it wasn’t installed correctly. GAF understands the nature of early roofing problems, which is why they provide coverage for problems during installation.

What About Material Defects?

Most roofing manufacturers have a warranty that provides coverage for problems associated with material defects. GAF is known for having some of the most extensive warranty coverages. Few can claim that they have lifetime warranties for architectural shingles and up to 30 years of coverage for three-tab shingles.

Is It Easy to File a Warranty Claim?

If something happened to your shingle roof and you believe that it’s covered by any of our warranties, you’ll just need to gather all the requirements for filling out a warranty claim. You’ll need a copy of the GAF warranty, the contractor’s invoice, original estimate, contract, proof of property ownership on the day the roofing system was installed or the warranty was transferred to your name and the total roofing area in squares (100 square feet). After securing the requirements, you can call GAF’s warranty services to inquire about your claim.

Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc is a GAF-accredited roofing company in Tampa, FL, that can answer all your warranty-related concerns. Call us now at (813) 257-9355 for more information about how we can protect your investment.

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