Filing a Insurance Claim for Your Damaged Roof

Filing a Insurance Claim for Your Damaged Roof
22 Jun
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Filing a roofing insurance claim can do wonders for your budget. When done properly, you can have a full roof replacement at a fraction of the expenses commonly associated with it. This is useful especially when a storm has damaged your roof. However, plenty of homeowners make mistakes that can negate their claim. Here’s how you can effectively file a claim without putting your insurance at risk.

Inspection of the Roof

Whether it’s metal roofing or vinyl, your roof needs to be checked before filing a claim. Doing so right away can help you spot potential problems, like holes or cracks. Remember that you should do it as soon as the storm passes. Waiting too long can lead to long-term roof issues like leaks and tears and you may not be able to prove that the damage was due to the storm that passed you by.

Review the Insurance Policy

Before you file a claim, check the policy. The policies outline different criteria covered by the policy. Make sure that the damage fits the criteria. Some policies will impose tear-off fees, while others may only be specific to wind damage.

Also, remember that an insurance adjuster will come and inspect the home as well. They will make sure that your roof was damaged according to the criteria and assess whether you should be compensated.

Call the Right Professionals

When you have reviewed the policy, it’s time to call the right contractor. Always look for a trustworthy company to handle your roof repair. Our team at Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc., for example, will help you every step of the way. We’ve spent years repairing roofs and helping clients get their well-deserved compensation.

Call us at (813) 257-9355 today to schedule a free estimate in Tampa, FL, and let’s talk about your roofing needs and insurance.

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