How Different Roof Materials Contribute to Curb Appeal

How Different Roof Materials Contribute to Curb Appeal-min
06 Jun
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Your roof contributes to curb appeal big time. It could change the complexion of your home exterior dramatically, turning it from drab to fab. Since every material has its own architectural flavor, Dynamic Roofing Concepts explains how each could enhance the look of your home:


A shingle roof lends your façades a traditional vibe. High-quality asphalt products emulate the appearance of wood shingles or shakes, or even slate or clay tiles, and come in a huge array of bold color blends. But unlike authentic wood that turn silvery gray over time, asphalt doesn’t weather; it would retain its original, vibrant color.

Premium asphalt shingles have ultra dimensionality. From hand-cut wood shakes to slate tiles with tapered cutouts and bold lines, asphalt is versatile enough to mimic anything. Top brands, such as GAF, CertainTeed, and Owens Corning, push the boundaries of designs possibilities to come up with fresh styles.


Contrary to the old-world beauty of asphalt shingles, a metal roof would inject a modern touch to your home exterior. Whatever the design, metal adds a crisp and sleek texture to spruce up your façades.

It’s almost the default roofing material for contemporary architectures, but metal bestows an eclectic feel to old-fashioned homes. Simple yet sophisticated, your color choices for metal is practically endless. Thanks to metal’s remarkable ability to self-cool, you can afford to use a dark hue without sacrificing energy efficiency.


The barrel-like, red tiled roof is emblematic of Mediterranean-inspired architectural movements. Other than the iconic half-tube style, tile roofing products come in different profiles and colors. Regardless of their design, though, expect them to add a lot of visual weight to your home exterior, which complements smooth siding surfaces.

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