How The Elements Affect Your Roof’s Life Span

How The Elements Affect Your Roof’s Life Span
30 May
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The elements are a major threat to any roof. It doesn’t matter how tough your roofing system is, Mother Nature will always win in the end. However, choosing a roof that could endure climatic punishments for a long time gives you the moral victory. Of all the roofing solutions at your disposal, knowing what exactly the elements could do is key to picking the right one for your property. Dynamic Roofing Concepts sheds further light on this matter:


High temperatures accelerate your roof’s natural wear and tear. The less heat your roof system absorbs, the greater its chances of living longer. Since some materials are naturally more reflective than others, so investing in a cool roof gives tremendous value for your money.

Metal roofing absorbs the least heat. In fact, it reflects a significant portion of solar radiation even when unpainted. Coat it with a highly reflective and emissive finish, expect it to block even a greater amount of solar heat and re-emit most of the energy it absorbs to cool itself faster.

Ultraviolet Radiation

UV rays damage anything they strike. They alter the chemical makeup of the material they touch, affecting their mechanical properties. No thanks to these molecular changes, your roof would become brittle and more susceptible to cracking.

Asphalt shingles have protective granules to defend against harsh UV radiation, but they go bald over time. The moment you notice loose granules in the gutters, call pros for a timely roof repair to mend the problem before it worsens.


Roofs must know how to shed water or they’re bound to deteriorate early. Any case of water seepage is bad to the underlying wooden decking. High levels of moisture would suck your roof deck’s strength and cause it to rot.

Apart from investing in a complete roofing system to equip your home with a multi-layer defense, choose the right material based on your roof’s slope to prevent water ponding.


It’s the force of nature is most likely to tear your roof apart. Other than proper installation, your roof must comprise key components to remain in one piece amid devastating hurricanes. Every manufacturer has an answer to this, but one of the most popular advancements in the industry is Owens Corning’s SureNail® Technology. The SureNail strip helps keep your shingles in place during 130-MPH wind speeds.

But when your existing roof is still intact, applying an elastomeric coating on it would boost its overall weather resistance. It serves as a heat and UV barrier and waterproofing layer to add more years to your roof.

How to make your roof in Tampa, FL, stand up to Mother Nature as long as possible? Call Dynamic Roofing Concepts now at (813) 257-9355 to talk about your roofing needs and get a free estimate.

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