Re-Roofing Mistakes that Expert Roofers Avoid

Re-Roofing Mistakes that Expert Roofers Avoid-min
21 Mar
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In re-roofing, hiring a bad contractor is one wrong that leads to many. When you work with a professional roofing team, you can rest assured that things get done right the first time. As a credentialed roofing contractor, Dynamic Roofing Concepts can avoid these rookie mistakes to make sure the process is hassle-free.

Mismatching Shingles

Inept roofing contractors tend to lose sight of matching shingle colors right. This problem stems from sourcing products from different suppliers. Ordering batches of materials of the same shades could vary to some extent when not purchased from a single place. The difference may not be noticeable individually, but the combination could be jarring collectively.

At Dynamic Roofing Concepts, we only carry quality shingles from GAF. Since we are a certified installer, we can ensure that your new shingles will look good together and that we install them properly on your home.

Ignoring Ventilation

Any experienced roofer knows that attic ventilation is important. An inadequately ventilated attic can’t breathe out excessive heat, causing moisture to build up below the roof deck. It creates a conductive environment where microbes can thrive. Furthermore, poor attic ventilation could increase your cooling needs.

Several technical considerations have to be factored in to keep your attic’s temperature under control, especially during midday. You can leave proper attic ventilation to the pros like us so you can guarantee indoor comfort and savings all year long.

Failing to Seal Flashing

The main purpose of flashing is to waterproof all penetrations and projections. Without covering them properly, your home will be exposed to serious water damage. Sealing every piece of flashing is a tough job. It leaves no room for error, so you need to leave this to the experts.

Nailing the Wrong Way

Nailing the shingles should never be a mindless task. The integrity of your asphalt roofing system relies heavily on proper installation. A nail has to pierce the shingle in a certain angle to avoid ruining the mat. When done incorrectly, the tear could set the stage for water intrusion.

As a Master Elite™ contractor, we have training on the right installation method and best practices when it comes to your GAF roofing system. We also back workmanship with GAF’s strong limited warranty for your peace of mind.

Leave roofing replacement to the pros for a high-quality system that will last. At Dynamic Roofing System, we offer top-notch products and reliable services so you can make the most of your investment. Florida homeowners and those living near Tampa, FL, can rely on us for a stress-free project.

To talk about your roofing needs, call us today at (813) 257-9355 to schedule your free estimate.

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