The Four-Step Guide to Getting a New Roof

The Four-Step Guide to Getting a New Roof
21 Jan
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Is it time to get a new roofing system for your home? This can be a very tricky question, especially since there will be a lot of resources involved. If you want to make sure that you’re getting a good roof – and your money’s worth – here’s a quick 4-step guide from our roofing experts.

Step 1 – Check if You Need a New Roof

Is your roof still in good shape? How many years are left till it reaches its expected life span? Most importantly, are the repairs and maintenance costs already too much to be considered practical? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you decide whether to go ahead with the replacement.

Step 2 – Figure Out What Type of Roof to Get

Are you planning to get a replacement similar to the original one or do you want to freshen up your home with a new type of roof design? Will you stick to old shingles or change to metal roofing? Knowing what you want for your next roof will dictate the budget necessary to complete the project.

Step 3 – Remember the Long-Term Value of the Roof

Some roofing systems tend to have a better value over time. Energy-efficient options help you save a lot by lowering your energy bills, while durable options help reduce the costs associated with long-term maintenance. See if your current choice of roofing will provide you with good long-term value and make adjustments with help from our roofing experts if necessary.

Step 4- Hire the Right People

Roof replacement is a very complex task. Everything must be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications in order to function perfectly. If the roof is installed by a certified contractor like us, you won’t have to worry about poorly built roofs. Hiring certified roofers also helps you save money because roofs installed by our team are protected by service warranties, just in case you need further roof repair.

Invest in a high-quality roof replacement with help from our team. You can call us at (813) 257-9355 or fill out this contact form to request an estimate. Find out why Dynamic Roofing Concepts Inc is the most trusted roofing company in Tampa, FL.

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