The Parts of Your Roofing System and Their Purposes

The Parts of Your Roofing System and Their Purposes
28 Dec
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Understanding how an asphalt shingle roof is built will help you better communicate with your roofing contractor during your roof repair or replacement project. The life span, durability and weather performance of your roofing system depend on all of its parts staying in good condition. Read on as Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc. explains more below.


The support structure keeps the roof together and is typically made of timber or metal. A good support structure will withstand even the worst weather conditions in your area. The exact shape and size of the support structure vary according to the design of your roofing system.

Roof Deck

The roof deck or sheathing serves as the surface where the underlayment is installed. It is generally made from oriented strand board, plywood, roof pavers, concrete or metal depending on the kind of roof. The decking serves as the base surface for your roof. As an asphalt shingle and metal roof specialist, Dynamic Roofing Concepts, Inc. focuses on making sure the roof deck is undamaged during our roof maintenance service.


The underlayment is installed on top of the roof decking to provide extra water protection. It also serves as an even and smooth surface for shingle installation. Like the decking, the exact kind of underlayment used will depend on the roof type and what the building needs.


The shingles serve as the outermost layer of your roofing system and they act as the primary defense against the sun, wind and rain. They are also the most visible part of a roof, so their color, profile and design need to match the rest of the exterior.

Starter Shingles

Starter shingles are used by roofing contractors to keep the rest of the shingles from being blown away during bad weather. They also fill the gaps left by the tabs of other shingles, improving your roof’s appearance.

Finishing Shingles

Like starter shingles, finishing shingles make a newly installed roof look neat and appealing. They also protect the seams and edges of your roof. Many roofing manufacturers offer finishing shingles that complement the appearance of their asphalt shingles.


The insulation can be found on the underside of your roof between the support structures. They improve your home’s energy efficiency by preventing unwanted heat transfer. For example, they can prevent the sun from heating up your attic in summer and bar heat from escaping the attic during colder seasons.

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