Tips for Communicating Effectively With an Insurance Adjuster

Tips for Communicating Effectively With an Insurance Adjuster
13 Dec
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You may need to file an insurance claim for your roofing system’s repairs or replacement after an extreme weather event. If this is the case, then you’ll have to deal with the adjuster that your insurer sends. Many people are intimidated by adjusters, but you shouldn’t be. Keep in mind that you can always negotiate with them if you believe that their offer is not reasonable.

Keep reading for tips to help you deal with an insurance adjuster.

What Is an Insurance Adjuster?

An adjuster can be an employee of your insurance company or a person they hired to inspect the damage in your property. Your insurer may also call them a representative, analyst or another title. They will assess your claim and determine how much your insurer would pay for the damages. Since an adjuster is paid or employed by your insurer, they share the same goal. It is to pay the least amount of money they are legally required to.

How Do You Communicate With Them?

Working with a dependable residential roofing or commercial roofing contractor can help you from getting intimidated by insurance adjusters. Many adjusters give low initial offers because they expect you to negotiate or seek help from a public adjuster. Since they are expecting you to reject it, they have reasonable offers lined up for you. Remember that your insurer is legally obliged to act in good faith. It means they may be acting in bad faith if they refuse to cover damages covered by their policy, making them liable for lawsuits.

Moreover, you should avoid giving the adjuster a recorded statement and only speak to them when necessary. Never sign anything unless you have reviewed and understood every detail of it. You shouldn’t feel pressured to settle your claim immediately and consider working with a public adjuster if you believe your insurer is acting in bad faith. If you think their offer is too low, don’t hesitate to ask clarifying questions about the low settlement amount.

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