Top 3 Causes of Roof Flashing Failure

Top 3 Causes of Roof Flashing Failure
07 Nov
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Your chimneys, pipes, dormers and other roof joints are weatherproofed by a roof flashing. With this material protecting protruding roof components, you won’t experience frequent leaks in your home. But of course, constant exposure to harsh weather could weaken it and cause roof flashing failure.

That isn’t the only reason roof flashings fail. Dynamic Roofing Concepts, the leading roofing company in the local area, discusses four other main reasons for flashing failure.

Roof Structure Expansion

Changes in the weather will cause the roof structure to shrink or expand. When this occurs, your roof flashing will pull away from the surface and reduce the protection that other roofing components need against rainwater.

This is why our team recommends regular inspections from a trusted roofer like Dynamic Roofing Concepts to be part of your maintenance routine. We’ll identify damage immediately and prevent structure expansion from affecting your roof flashing.


When a roofing material rusts over, it affects your roof flashing, too. The corrosive material will defeat the purpose of leading rainwater away and instead cause water to seep through the corroded cracks. Apart from losing your flashing’s function, you’ll have an unsightly colored roof in the process.

When this happens, consult us to prevent leaks from causing water damage inside your home.

Poor Installation

Lastly, poor installation is also a reason roof flashings fail. There could be sealant issues that would allow rainwater to pass through easily. While you may think flashing installation looks easy enough to do on your own, we believe it is best to entrust the roofing job to our professional roofing contractor team.

Dynamic Roofing Concepts guarantees better flashing installation for a more durable roofing system. We have the solutions to address roof flashing failure. You can call us at (813) 257-9355 for more information. You can also fill out our contact form to receive a free quote. We serve homeowners in Tampa, FL, and other nearby areas.

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