What You Need to Know About Fascia Boards

What You Need to Know About Fascia Boards
22 Aug
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Understanding the roles the various parts of your roofing system play will help you detect problems early, so you can better communicate with your roofing contractor. Your roof consists of various components that all work together to protect your home from the weather. The fascia is one of the most important components. Here’s what you need to know about it:

What Is the Fascia?

The fascia is a board that acts as the vertical finishing edge or trim that connects to the ends of the trusses and rafters. It runs along the roofline and protects the edge of the roof from water damage. Aside from preventing leaks, the fascia also creates a smooth and even appearance along the roof edge. Fascia boards can be made of wood, plastic, aluminum or vinyl. Most modern homes have a fascia board but a few older home styles don’t have them.

Preventing Fascia Problems

Clogged gutters, ice dams and improper shingle overhang can allow water to get behind the fascia board. This not only allows the water to enter and damage your roof’s structure, but it can also cause a wooden fascia to deteriorate. Fortunately, this problem can be prevented by installing a drip edge. As a roof repair and installation expert, we recommend drip edges because they deflect water away from the fascia, preventing water from going up and under your shingles.

Other Parts of Your Roof

Other parts of your roof you should be familiar with include the soffit, shingles, underlayment and flashings. The soffit is the exposed surface underneath the overhanging section of a roof eave. It’s job is to assist in ventilating the attic. The shingles are the visible part of your roof and they improve your home’s curb appeal and prevent water from reaching the underlayment.

The underlayment lies beneath your shingle and acts as a layer that protects the roof deck from water damage. Lastly, the flashings are pieces of metal that protect the most vulnerable areas of your roof such as the area around roof penetrations.

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